What’s Needed for EFS-WEBS Design Patent Filing?

Question: What documents do I need to file a design patent online? Do I only need drawings and specification? Or do I need to  upload the oath/declaration, too? Do I need the Application Data Sheet? Where can I find a template? 

Answer: Templates and detailed instructions on preparing and filing design patents can be found at the USPTO website or at our section on preparing design patent applications. To file a design application via EFS-Web, you will need: (1) drawings in black-line format, (2) a specification, and (3) an oath/declaration (PTO/AIA/08). You don’t need the Design Patent Application Transmittal form (PTO/AIA/18) or the Fee Transmittal form (PTO/SB/17). You also don’t need the Application Data Sheet if you elect to complete that form electronically by choosing that option as shown below.

EFS_Deisgn Patent